Must have list of resources for new and seasoned bloggers.

The cost of full-time caregiving for a parent or spouse with dementia can take a financial toll on the monthly budget. Not only are there additional expenses, but the responsibility of caregiving can make holding down a traditional job difficult or impossible.

Even if your loved one can be left alone for periods of time, they still may need you to do all their shopping, organize and administer their medicines, take them to all their doctor appointments, and help with housekeeping, personal care, and meals. Caregiving can quickly become a full-time job.

Fortunately, today you can find legitimate work from home jobs you can do in the nooks and crannies of your life around the craziness of caregiving. Blogging and other online businesses can be a perfect match!

If you have ever entertained the idea of starting a blog, or already have a blog and would like to turn it into a money maker rather than a hobby, stay tuned! I have a list of awesome FREE blogging resources by Elite Blog Academy (EBA) for you!

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Blogging Assesment

This short quiz will help you see if blogging is something you are cut out for. Take the quiz HERE. 


Build Your Blog Bootcamp

When you’re not techy, setting up a blog can seem a bit overwhelming. Wouldn’t it be awesome if there was someone out there who could just show you, step-by-step, exactly what you need to do to set up a blog – from scratch?

Well, there is. This free training from Elite Blog Academy starts February 28th!

When you sign up, you’ll get:

  • All Bootcamp videos & daily challenges
  • The technical know-how you need to set up and optimize your blog
  • Inspiring strategies from successful bloggers
  • Several exclusive Bootcamp FB live sessions

You can sign up to get the free Build Your Blog Bootcamp training HERE.


Blogging Made Simple

Elite Blog Academy founder, Ruth Soukup, shows you the powerful blogging secrets that most successful 6-figure bloggers are using to get massive results. Sign up for the free Blogging Made Simple training HERE.


The Essential Blog Promotion Checklist

This free checklist covers everything you need to do to promote your blog posts. Don’t hit post without it! Download your free Blog Promotion Checklist HERE.


The Beginner’s Guide to Branding Your Blog

Good branding and blog design are critical to a blogger’s success. Find out how to brand and design your blog so that you tell your audience exactly WHO you are as an entrepreneur and a company! Get the free Beginner’s Guide to Branding your blog HERE.


20 FREE (or almost free) WordPress Plugins

A list of the best free and almost-free WordPress plugins — so you don’t have to waste your time sorting through bad plugins to find the ones that will actually add value to your site. Get the list of WordPress Plugins for bloggers HERE.


How to Setup a Self Hosted WordPress Blog

WordPress is the number one choice for bloggers. This simple tutorial will easily walk you through the steps of setting up a self-hosted WordPress blog all by yourself! Get the free tutorial HERE.


15 Mobile Apps Every Blogger Needs

The best apps for blogging on-the-go!  Get it HERE.



Want to know how to maximize a popular post? Our super helpful guide shares the exact steps you need to take to make the most of a traffic surge and build momentum that will last. It’s a game changer, and right now, for a limited time, you can get it absolutely free! Get it HERE.



Packed with practical tips you can implement right away, this super helpful mini ebook will help you maximize the revenue you are earning from the audience you already have. It’s a game changer. Get it HERE.



Struggling to come up with new content for your blog? Get 120 awesome blog post ideas will help you beat writer’s block and bring killer content that builds your business every time. Download the list HERE.



Packed with practical tips you can implement right away, this super helpful guide will help you grow your audience with guest posting and make sure your content is a hit every time. Get the New Blogger’s Guide to Guest Posting HERE.


The EBA Blog Structure Blueprint

A clear blog structure is critical to a blogger’s success. Find out how to organize your blog so that your readers can always find exactly what they’re looking for & become raving fans! Download the free Blog Structure Blueprint HERE.



This free guide shows you the exact steps you need to take to grow your blog fast and monetize successfully. Download the Secret Blueprint for Blogging Success HERE.



Packed with practical tips you can implement right away, this super helpful mini ebook will help you identify and destroy destructive behavior so that you can grow your blog more quickly than ever. Download the free ebook HERE.

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Must have list of resources for new and seasoned bloggers.    Make money from home blogging! Free resources to get you started