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Halloween Word Search Printable for Seniors

Easy to find words and large print make this Halloween Word Search perfect for seniors with Alzheimer's or dementia.

Halloween Word Search – Alzheimer’s & Dementia Activity

This Halloween-themed puzzle has large print and the words are easy to find. Alzheimer’s and dementia early/middle stage friendly!

Before Alzheimer’s, Mom loved word search books. But as her Alzheimer’s progressed to the middle stages, these books slowly became too difficult for her. She would sit and just stare at the page. I hated that she had lost one of her favorite activities, and so I started making easier puzzles for her.

At Mom’s current level of functioning, she needs large print and words to run in a “readable” direction. And by readable I mean left to right, top to bottom, or diagonally northwest to southeast. The backward words are a no-go for her at this stage.

As Mom’s dementia progresses, I’m sure I’ll have to simplify these searches even more. But for now, this works.

Feel free to download and print this puzzle for your loved one! It’s free!

Halloween Word Search. Perfect for seniors! Alzheimer's and Dementia friendly!


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PERFECT FOR SENIORS! Easy to find words with large print.

Halloween Word Search printable for seniors living with Alzheimer's and dementia
















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