Amazon Prime Day Caregiver Deals

Amazon Prime Day Deals for Caregivers

AMAZON PRIME DAY is a huge once-a-year sale exclusively for Amazon Prime members!

Prime Day features some of Amazon’s best deals of the year.

Amazon Prime Day is over for 2019. It ran July 15 – July 16. See you next year Prime Day! ❤️
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Prime Day is a great time to pick up activity and home health supplies for your LOWD (loved one with dementia). I’m making a shopping list for myself and thought I would share some of these ideas with our caregiver community. Amazon is updating and revealing more deals continuously during the PrimeDay Event. I’ll update my list as I can!

New to Amazon Prime Day? Here’s what you need to know.

When is Amazon Prime Day?

Amazon Prime Day 2019 begins at 3 AM  ET Monday, July 15, and lasts for 48 hours. 

Do I have to be an Amazon Prime Member to shop Prime Day? 

Yes, to take advantage of the deals on Prime Day, you must be an Amazon Prime member. If you’re not a Prime member take advantage of the free 30-day trial!  Shop the Prime Day deals with your free trial, and if you don’t want to pay for the membership, cancel before your trial expires. Sign up for your AMAZON PRIME FREE TRIAL here.


How does Amazon Prime Day work? 

Prime Day isn’t what I would call a traditional sale. With Prime Day, products have a sale start time sometime within the 48 hour Prime Day event. The deal runs for a specified period of time or until the item sells out. Kind of like a flash sale. Sometimes they go really quickly. So you need to be ready – and fast!

Caregiver Prime Day Deals 

I’m sharing my shopping list of things I plan to check out during the sale below! The time listed indicates the time the deal for that product goes live. You can go ahead and put the item in your Amazon cart, but wait for the deal to go live to see the sale price and buy. Note that the times I’ve listed are in eastern time. So if you live in a different time zone, take note. 


Home Health Supply Prime Day Deals 

AXVUE Video Monitor – starts at 5:35 am ET on 7/15 – This would be great for keeping an eye on Mom when I’m not in the room. SOLD OUT

Grab Bar – starts at 7:00 am ET on 7/15 – We have 2 of these in the bathroom for Mom. They have been a lifesaver! SALE OVER

Latex Gloves – starts at 8:00 am ET on 7/15 SALE OVER

Stander EZ Stand-N-Go Stand Assist – starts at 9:30 am ET on 7/15 – Mom has a hard time getting up off the sofa. This looks like it could help. SALE OVER

Large Display Day Clock!! – on sale now 7/15! – My mom LOVES this clock!! SALE OVER

Go Together Flash Cards – 7/15 Prime Day Deal SALE OVER

Dementia Safety Glove – 7/15 Prime Day Deal SALE OVER

Remote Door Alarm – 7/15 Prime Day Deal SALE OVER

Another Dementia Friendly Day Clock!! – Prime Day Deal SALE OVER

Magnetic Weekly Calendar – Prime Day Deal SALE OVER

Adult Diapers – Prime Day Deal SALE OVER

Video Monitor – Prime Day Deal SALE OVER

Adaptive Eating Utensils for the Elderly – Prime Day Deal SALE OVER

Large Button Corded Phone for Seniors – PrimeDay Deal SALE OVER

Blood Pressure Monitor– starts at 1:445 pm ET on 7/16 SALE OVER


Dementia Activities Prime Day Deals

Pack of 14, primed ARTEZA 9×12″ White Canvas Panel Boards – starts at 3:40 am ET on 7/15  SALE OVER

Set of 16 Uni Paint Marker Pens  – starts at 4:00 am ET on 7/15 SALE OVER

Virtuoso 15-Piece Fine Paintbrushesstarts at 5:05 am ET on 7/15  SALE OVER

48 Rolls Washi Tape Set – starts at 5:20 am ET on 7/15 – Assorted super cute patterns!  LOVE Washi Tape for Mom’s crafts! SALE OVER

Magnet Building Tiles – starts at 5:35 am ET on 7/15 – Mom loves fidgeting with magnetic things. SALE OVER

Drawing Stencils – starts at 9:10 am ET on 7/15 – Mom has some stencils and enjoys tracing the shapes and then doodling around them. SALE OVER

Magnetic Tiles – starts at 4:05 pm ET on 7/15 – Another set of magnetic tiles for fidgeting. I like this set better. SALE OVER

Wooden Tetris Puzzle – starts at 8:05 pm ET on 7/15 – Mom used to play Tetris on the computer, but I’m not sure about this puzzle. It might be frustrating. ? I think I’ll try it if the price is right. SALE OVER

CRICUT EXPLORE AIR 2 BUNDLE in fushia! It’s beautiful! – starts at 5:00 am ET on 7/15 – I have the Cricut Maker and LOVE it for creating activities for my mom!! SALE OVER

CRICUT MAKER BUNDLE!!! – EEE!!! Sale ends at 11 pm ET! SALE OVER

Connect Four  – Prime Day Deal – Great game for dementia patients. SALE OVER

Fidget Cube – Prime Day Deal  SALE OVER

Magnetic Tangram – Prime Day Deal  SALE OVER

Fidget Toy Bundle – Prime Day Deal SALE OVER

Squish Discs (set of 6) – Prime Day Deal SALE OVER

FurReal Friends Kitty – Prime Day Deal SALE OVER

Easy Adult Coloring Book – Prime Day Deal SALE OVER


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Amazon Prime Day dementia caregiver deals



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