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Dementia-Friendly Thanksgiving Word Searches

Thanksgiving word searches created for seniors living with dementia!

UPDATED Printable Thanksgiving-themed word searches with large print. All words run in a readable direction! Two versions – easy and super easy! Created especially for seniors living with dementia!

Thanksgiving Word Search Easy

I enjoy creating easy word searches for my mom with Alzheimer’s. She’s always loved these puzzles, and now that her dementia has progressed to a point where she just needs stuff to do, any activity that I can print and hand to her is like caregiver gold. 

To ensure her success, I create puzzles with giant print and all words running in a readable direction (nothing going backward). So with November here, I decided to create one for her with a Thanksgiving theme. 

I used the template and basic size details I used in other word searches I’ve created for her. (Check them out if you haven’t seen them. You can find a Christmas word search here, a  Halloween word search here, and summer word searches here.)

My mom loves all of these word searches and has completed them independently. But today, that Thanksgiving Word Search … was a problem.

Mom hasn’t had a good week. Her overall confusion factor has been worse than usual. My mom’s Alzheimer’s is progressing and the sad reality with this disease is that things continue to get harder for her.

Today, that word search was just too much – too many letters – too many words. Mom was struggling.

I’m not sure if some of this increased confusion will lift or if it’s our new normal. But today she needed an easier puzzle.

So I made one.

I cut the number of columns and rows. I also reduced the number of words and eliminated words running diagonally. To make things even more simple I was careful not to have too many words sharing letters. 

Here’s the new easier Thanksgiving word search puzzle. 

This turned out to be perfect for Mom! She completed it independently and enjoyed doing it. 

Caring for someone with dementia requires lots of adaption. They are changing, so the activities we provide for them will need to be adapted to ensure success. 

Both Thanksgiving Word Search puzzles are available for download to my subscribers in my Resource Library. 

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      Thanksgiving Dementia Activity Printable    

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